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Our opening times are a bit different due to the Christmas holidays please see below for more information.  

5 Reasons to use a bible case

We have written a few thoughts on the reasons our customers love Bible cases.

1/ to cover & protect your bible

This is your most precious book and is often the main one you take out and about with you,  in days of old a dust cover would have been a must have for every book but now the most important book we own often ends up with a coffee mug sat on top of it!

2/ To make it easy to spot

When you misplace your bible, if you have a snazzy eye catching cover it makes it soooo much easier to find

3/ Many functions

Many bible cases come with a section ready made for your notebook or that Christmas card you forgot to pass to Aunty Ethel! 

I also love the pen section, This is so useful as I can never find one at the bottom of my handbag.

4/ Man bags never really took off

It is just an awesome alternative to the man bag – makes sure you remember your bible and all the extras like stationary and some even have a zip area for you to stash your coffee money and offering donation too.

5/ We are offering you a chance to save £££

Throughout November & December you can use this coupon to get 50% off your new bible case when you buy a bible priced over £24.99.